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Dear colleague ,
The Iranian Society of Pediatric Nephrology has currently 125 members from whole part of Iran.
We even welcome to pediatric nephrology in neighbor countries especially Farsi speaking countries to join to Iranspn.
We need to keep this organization in order to refine our practice by education and research, to improve the outcome of CKD children by advocacy, to prevent the rate of CKD by increase public awareness. We make a pathway to exchange our experience, our skills.
So , we highly recommend to increase the rate of membership from iran and countries around of Iran.
The benefit of membership : access to member section of iranspn.com, participation in teaching and research activities , access to educational support, access to iranspn social media ( whatspp, telegram, instagram, twitter, facebook) electronic version of the journal of Pediatric Nephrology, involvement in educational activities, and reduced fees for all iranspn congresses and workshops.
Our recommendation is: Join Iranspn